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Salmon Dress Chinos. . .

So, I journeyed into campus early today solely for the purpose of a couple of meetings this morning.  It's a warm and sunny day, so in the spirit of playful irreverence and comfort, I opted to wear decided to wear my salmon-colored pants with a navy blazer, blue & white university stripe oxford cloth button-down, and a pair of dark brown penny loafers.  

Once there and on my way into D. Wormer Hall for the first meeting, a male student stopped me to compliment me on the pants with a huge smile and "that" special searching look in his eyes.  Plus a handshake that lasted just a little too long.  I thanked him and continued on my way, but I couldn't help remembering that old Levi's Dockers commercial from the fall of 2000.

And no.  The irony of my frequent complaints about the messages people unwittingly send with their clothing and this humorous little episode is not lost on me.  I can hear the chorus of collective jeers and raspberries now. 

-- Heinz-Ulrich

You Are What You Wear. . .

Sure, he looks a bit like a Ken doll, but the clothing and pocket watch are great!  A page from the Winter 1979 Brooks Brothers catalog.

The other day, I stumbled across a New York Times article on the signals sent by our attire.  The interesting thing is that the article is now just aver 40 years old, first appearing in the August 26, 1979 edition of the paper.  Nevertheless, the author Nancy Beach makes a number of points that remain salient in 2019 given the general lack of attention to external grooming now so prevalent virtually anywhere you might look.  She provides the best reasons behind why so many people venture out of the house looking anything but pulled together in our slovenly age.  Make up your own mind, but I think Beach really nails it.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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The Influence of Social Media?

Not my photograph, but it illustrates pretty well my 'uniform,' if you will, especially in the warmer September and April weather during the academic year although I also rely on the occasional Madras necktie, linen, or seersucker suits.  What?  After September 1st?  I know, I know.  A gauche rube.  If the picture is yours, please let me know, sans the fusilade of obscenity now so typical, so I can provide attribution or remove it.

Recently, there was a thread over on the Saltwater New England blog discussing whether, or not social media and the internet has had any influence on how people shop for attire and/or dress themselves.  

Speaking just for myself, I don't know that social media has had any influence on how I dress -- trad/ivy/prep call it what you will. . . much like my male family members of previous generations -- but it has made it easier to find a sartorial community of reasonably like-minded souls in our otherwise slovenly age.  

I left Facebook a year ago, but…

Oh, the humanity!!!

Oh, the humanity!

Recently, I dropped by our local outlet of a national big box store, where our pharmacy is located, to pick up a prescription for our son.  It wasn't ready, of course, so I walked across the store to the other front corner of the premises where there is a small Starbuck's, better to kill 15 minutes or so with a coffee and scone.  Normally, I would avoid this pervasive purveyor of coffee made with beans over-roasted-to-the-point-of-tasting-burnt and opt for an independent cafe, but it was handy.  

Once I'd paid for my order and sat down, I people watched for a few minutes before recoiling in horror.  Keep in mind, the parking lot is full of huge, late model SUVs, similar cars, and everyone has a new or very recent iPhone in his or her hand, so it's not like we're talking about the down and out, needy, and indigent here.  Quite the opposite actually given the extra large shopping carts overflowing with stuff.  And much of that needless if we're ho…

Labor Day Weekend Lawncare Style. . .

What to do with summer clothing when it starts looking long in the tooth?  Easy.  Relegate it to garden and lawncare wear.

I've lamented here and there before on this blog that most people in 2019 appear in public looking worse than if they had planned to clean out the basement, attic, garage, rake leaves all afternoon in the backyard, or do something really filthy like change the oil and filter in the car.  I've just returned home from a series of Saturday morning errands, and about the only clues that most people crossing my line of sight were not absolutely, completely, and utterly down and out were the large SUVs they climbed out of at the supermarket and latest iPhones on prominent display in everyone's hands.  

Not inexpensive items.  Yet these same people look as grubby or worse than residents of shelters for the abused and indigent.  It boggles the mind given the general level of affluence we're talking about.

The phenomenon of Slob Nation somehow surpasses the si…

The New Semester, General Contentment, and 2013 Redux. . .

The Dog Days of Summer: Beating the Heat Yellow Lab Style. . .

'Daisy Darling' just after her arrival at my parents' home.  She is just over eight weeks old here.

Back at the start of July, ol' Mom and Stepdad took delivery of 'Daisy Darling,' their new yellow Labrador puppy.  Since then, my 74-year old mother has been busy with house training and regular walks with the puppy on top of her landscaping research and planning, observing the golfers at play, or groundskeepers at work on the course immediately adjacent to their house in Pinehurst, North Carolina.  

As children way back in the 1970s, my family had a pair of black Labs, and they were ideal family dogs.  Calm, good natured, playful out of doors, and just plain nice company.  Relatively easy to train too, something that more people with dogs  (and children) ought to be mindful of but typically (at least in the United States) are not.

Anyway, it's easy to see why so many people are so fond of Labs and various similar retrievers as one peruses these photograph s…

Hardboiled July. . .

The late Ella Raines.  You can almost hear the lonely, late night trumpet in the distance.

4th of July Style. . .

As above post-shower.  The seersucker shirt is a recent Father's Day gift from The Grand Duchess.  Highly appropriate for July 4th.

It is amazing the transformative effect that a tepid shower and something cold to drink after donning fresh clothes can have.  After a morning on the lawn with Mr. Toro to beat the forecast thunderstorms -- of course, now the sun is shining, and no sign of the predicted weather -- that is just what I did before some lunch and then rehanging a couple of troublesome cabinet doors in the kitchen.

Amazingly, that little unexpected side project went well the first time.  It is not always so.  Typically, my "handiness" does not go beyond some basic interior painting, use of a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers.  In short, I know when it's time to call a service person!

Anyway, it is a quiet, warm Fourth of July.  Many people are away, so the neighborhood is blissfully quiet while North Carolina Pork Barbecue and red slaw (my late maternal grandfath…

The Necktie Is Dead? Long Live the Necktie!

The just arrived vintage 1960s Eustice Tilley necktie.  I think I'll wear it on the first day of the new semester at the end of August.

Most places these days, men no longer need to wear neckties here in the United States.  Even in the so called white collar professional world.  However, there are still a few of us around -- weirdos admittedly -- who don and sport them with great aplomb even when the dress code suggests otherwise.  Not necessarily because we HAVE to, you understand, but because we enjoy the simple act of dressing somewhat more presentably than has become the disheveled norm.

While my wardrobe feels largely complete, occasionally I spot the odd item that is simply too interesting to pass by,  Such was the case last week when I came across the item shown above on Ebay.  Initially, I did, in fact, pass it by.  Several days later, however,  I remembered the necktie, checked back, and amazingly it was still available.  So, I pulled the trigger, and it arrived with the ma…