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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday should be for dressing up a bit!

Who says Saturday attire must automatically mean fleece, sweats, grubby frayed khakis, or dad jeans with white sneakers? How about using a more relaxed day as an excuse to glam it up a bit?  Just what I did this morning for a half-day writing pedagogy seminar over on campus.  And hey, I actually received two compliments from female colleagues which added an extra, and unexpected spring to my step.  I dress this way for me, first and foremost, but it's nice when others occasionally let you know that they notice and appreciate it.

Anyway, guys, remember, this need not cost you an arm and a leg.  Here's the deal.  In the photo above , I'm wearing three thrifted items: a Corbin houndstooth tweed jacket, a Pendleton wool tie, and a Pierre Cardin silk pocket square (cream with tiny brown and red polka dots and brown edging) all of which cost somewhere in the neighborhood of US$14.  The shirt is an old Land's End "original" oxford cloth button-down shirt purchased on sale in August or September of 2003, and the Land's End dress corduroy pants were purchased at 50% off just after Christmas 2012.

On the feet, you see a pair of Allen Edmonds suede wingtips, which I bought on sale in November 2012.  Still something of a splurge, sure, but good shoes will last for years with routine care and maintenance.  Naturally, I had on charcoal and tan argyll socks socks by Merona, invisible here, that have been in the wardrobe for several years and stood up well (pardon the pun) to time, wear, and numerous washings in the machine.  The trick to their longevity?  Air dry socks on a wooden or wire drying rack since hot air dryers kill the elasticity of socks and shrink them appreciably.  

Now, how about jazzing up your own Saturday attire, men?  Send me a photograph or two of you in your most stunning Saturday (or Sunday) gear, and I'll share it right here at The Average Guy's Guide to Style.

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