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Friday, September 27, 2013

Hey buddy, lighten up!

The bottom half on a warm Friday in late September.

Every average guy who wants to kick up his everyday style a few notches eventually needs a more playful pair of lighter-colored leather dress shoes in his wardrobe.  I submit for your review just such a pair, some Allen Edmonds spectator shoes in tan leather and sage-olive green cloth.

These were purchased via Ebay late last winter for only US$9.99 plus negligible shipping and handling charges.  All they required was some moisturizer, a good shine, and some new new heels, the last of which my local cobbler was happy to supply, before they were ready to put on and go forth into the world.

I don't wear them too often, chiefly because they strike me as hot weather shoes, and I don't teach from the end of May until mid-August each year.  Must be nice, right?  It is.  However, for those warmer spring, late summer, and early autumn days on and off campus, they're just the thing to round out a more casual sports jacket-odd pants combo. . . with a long-sleeved dress shirt and necktie of course! 

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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