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Monday, June 9, 2014

Find Pleasure in the Small Things. . .

A calm Norwegian meadow in full summertime bloom.

Average guys who are aware of the need to kick up their everyday style several notches realize that it's about more than clothes, shoes, and how you conduct yourself at the dining table or with colleagues on the job.  Being a stylish adult male in the broadest sense also includes slowing down, disengaging, and taking pleasure in small, often overlooked activities as a way of recharging the mental batteries.  Here are just a few activities that help yours truly:

1) Doing the wash, folding, hanging, and/or ironing it and taking silent pride in a job well done.

2) Reading the paper on a Sunday morning.

3) Enjoying a quiet afternoon at home without the TV blaring or sitting before the computer.

4) A quiet walk around the park or your neighborhood with your spouse or significant other.

5) Time spent in quiet, calm interaction with your child (or grandchild).

6) A good book and a cup of fresh coffee, or an occasional nip of something medicinal.

7) Preparing and cooking a really nice meal at home (NOT microwaveable food either).

8) Writing a handwritten note, or even letter, to an old friend or close family member.

9) Taking comfort in quiet time alone to reflect, collect your thoughts, or simply allow your mind to go blank.

10) Taking care of a few small errands for the one you love most without waiting for a request to do it, or a thank-you for having done so.

Without a doubt, there must surely be many more ways to slow down and smell the roses, figuratively speaking, but these ten points will help get you started.  Be sure to leave a comment or two with additional suggestions that I've neglected to include here.  Thank you in advance.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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