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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First Day of Spring Semester 2015 Style. . .

Here's the get-up for the first day of a new semester.  If my appearance didn't scare my students to death, the amount of work present on the  course syllabi certainly did.

Ahhhhh. . .  Hear that? Yes.  It's the start of another semester, which means an opportunity to dress nicely five days a week.  Rugby shirts, tan corduroys pants, and L.L. Bean Boots are great, and they certainly have their place in my "at home" wardrobe, but it's nice to dress with a bit more pizazz if and when one is able.  

So, it was with a light heart that I donned a Tattersall oxford cloth button-down collar shirt, a Harris Tweed jacket, a dark red knit silk necktie, a pair of gray wool flannel pants, and a gray Shetland wool crewneck sweater this morning after a hot shower and a wet shave (with shaving mug and brush).  Yes, I was feeling more than a little Wooster-esque this morning, you know?  More like a day of shooting at Totleigh Towers awaited me, though, rather than a day of handing out course syllabi, verbally walking my new students through these, and threatening everyone with death if they fail to purchase the required textbooks and turn in formal assignments on the appointed due dates.  

Madeline Bassett and Bobby Wickham just might have been a bit more interesting by comparison!

-- Heinz-Ulrich

And here's close-up of the shoes and socks, in this case my trusty Allen Edmonds wing-tip brogues (one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own) and a pair of Merino wool (with  a bit of Lycra) socks by Dapper Classics.

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A Southern Preppy said...

I really do like the Harris Tweed jacket. My daughter attended a syllabus party last night to celebrate the last day of Christmas break. Today was syllabi day!