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Saturday, March 19, 2016

More Frivolous Fun. . .

The new Geoff Stocker pocket square in use.

I am a firm believer that a man should enjoy and have fun with his clothes, even when "dressed up."  

With that sentiment in mind, I recently splurged a bit and ordered a new silk pocket square from Geoff Stocker in the U.K., featuring Harry the Labrador, owed by David Evans, the man behind the delightful Grey Fox blog, which deals with style for the older male.  Available in three colors, I chose the one in caramel (azure and strawberry are the other two), which should work especially well during the fall with tweeds, corduroys, and suede brogues.  However, the square shown will nevertheless adorn my pocket come Monday morning next week when Spring officially begins, and it will no doubt get a few more uses before the end of the university semester in early May.  

My sole criticism of this pocket square has to do with its dimensions.  I prefer a larger silk square (15-16 inches), to prevent it disappearing down into your jacket pocket during the day.  Larger silk squares stay in place much better.  The Harry the Labrador pocket squares are about 11 inches square, give or take, so a bit on the small side for my tastes.  However, the silk is sumptuous, and the edges are hand-rolled, so they are certainly worth the 36GBP when you seek something a bit different and as playful as the real-life Harry the Labrador.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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