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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It Was Three-Piece Tuesday. . .

The top half yesterday, which included a delightfully soft wool flannel Polo Ralph Lauren suit, shirt by L.L. Bean, and a Brooks Brothers Makers necktie, which I call my UW-Madison tie.

There is a story, of sorts, to this Polo Ralph Lauren suit.   I stumbled onto it a couple of years in a thrift/charity shop back in Central Illinois, it looked like it had never been worn, and cost just US$5.99.  I passed it up at first (What was I thinking?), went back to see if it was still there the next afternoon, and purchased it.  Best of all, it needed no alterations whatsoever.  Easily one of my best fitting, most comfortable suits and drapes wonderfully on my 5' 11" frame.  As comic actor Mike Myers used to say on Saturday Night Live, when in the guise of his character Linda Richman on Coffee Talk,  "It's like buttah!"

-- Heinz-Ulrich

 And the bottom half.

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