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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Appointment Style. . .

Not bad, but it's just about time to visit the barber for a trim.  The ol' hair is getting a bit puffy on the sides and top.

Well, the summer break is in full swing for yours truly here at Totleigh-on-the-Wold even though the Memorial Day Weekend is not yet upon us.  Besides working on an article and a few other professional commitments, all of which can be done from home, it has settled down pretty nicely here since turning in final grades a couple of weeks ago.

However, there was reason to don presentable attire this morning once the Young Master was loaded aboard his school bus.  The Grand Duchess and I had an appointment with our attorney in Downtown Lansing to finalize and sign our will, so what better reason?  I decided that a suit might be a bit much for me, although I was happy later to see that our lawyer was thus attired, so I opted instead for a sports jacket (Hickey Freeman) and odd pants combo.  Not visible is a braided brown leather belt and a pair of light green calf length dress socks with small navy polka dots.  

The necktie shown here is a knitted silk number in a wine color, purchased from Land's End a couple of years ago, that seems to have become my "go to" the last few weeks when I have had journey into campus, or elsewhere wearing somewhat more professional dress than my usual summer wardrobe.  Longtime visitors to Classic Style might recall that the latter consists typically of chino shorts worn with a casual surcingle belt and either a short-sleeve knit polo top, or one of my many cotton Madras shirts with a pair of leather Sperry top-siders.  Casual, comfortable, and yet pulled together.  What a concept.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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