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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Classic Summertime Double-Breasted Combos. . .

Three lovely old Laurence Fellows illustrations, the one at the top from the 1940s and the latter two from the 1930s, showing double-breasted sports jackets worn with odd pants in summertime settings.  Not sure that I would don a DB jacket or suit in the summer, unless it was unseasonably chilly, or I found myself by the breezy seaside aboard a large cabin cruiser, but a guy can dream, right?  

I dropped off that recently purchased  Belvest DB suit (procured for a song via Ebay) at the tailor's yesterday for the usual minor alterations well in advance of the new university semester that begins in late August.  Can't beleive I'm letting it prey on my mind already, but we still have some time before syllabi revision and related tasks become pressing.

Anyway, the lady who marked up the necessary work with her tailor's chalk once I tried on the suit mentioned that her husband also likes double-breasted suits and has a couple of them.  Heartening to learn that there is someone else, somewhere in my small corner of the universe who enjoys trotting these out from time to time.  Happy Sunday everyone!

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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