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Monday, August 29, 2016

First Day of School Style. . .

The Young Master modeling his 1st Grade look early this morning just minutes before boarding the school bus.

You know, and I am sure the must be a few other parents out there who think in a similar manner, it is entirely possible to dress small children presentably, yet comfortably, without making them stand out because they wear something nicer than the ever present t-shirt and sweats, training pants, or to-the-knee basketball shorts with over-sized (and over-priced) basketball shoes.  

Here, the Young Master wears a pressed cotton madras shirt, jeans, new Sperry top-siders and his new L.L. Bean backpack in orange, which is his current favorite color.  Classic.  Not a bad look for older guys either.  Now, if we could only get YMP to smile when the camera is pointing in his direction instead of grimacing or making some other sort of funny face, we'd be in business.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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