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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tattersall and Tweed Tuesday. . .

 The upper half, featuring a jacket by J. Press that was purchased at a thrift/charity shop about three years ago for less than US$10 and a Land's End 'Hyde Park' ocbd shirt purchased new about the same time.  These are only ones sold by the company these days that are not part of their 'No Iron' nonsense.  How much longer will that last I wonder?  It is getting increasingly difficult to find ready-made dress shirts that are not pre-treated with all kinds of unpleasant chemicals to make them (more or less) 'No Iron'.  Time finally to try out shirts made by Mercer et al I guess.

And the bottom half, featuring Italian flannel pants (again purchased in a thrift shop two or three years ago) plus a pair of completely recrafted Allen Edmonds split-toe oxfords.  Not my favorite shoe style, but it's nice to vary the look of one's footwear from time to time.  My late maternal grandfather wore split-toes and long-wings almost exclusively throughout his working life and into old age.

Tattersall, tweed, and flannel one cold Tuesday in late February a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, it remains frigid here in Mid-Michigan at the moment as we approach mid-March, so I can still get away with heavier, warmer items like these for at least the next few days.  

In other news, the current semester begins again tomorrow morning after nine days of Spring Break.  Sigh.  I just cannot get myself in preparation mode for Monday morning.  Come on Finals Week!

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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