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Thursday, April 27, 2017

On Wisconsin Wednesday. . .

 The upper half yesterday, featuring a necktie by Brooks Brothers in University of Wisconsin colors.

Had a bit of fun yesterday with what I call my UW Tie.  Sadly, the only neckties I have ever been able to find have had goofy badgers or W's all over them.  Two years ago, though, I came across the Brooks Brothers number pictured above and purchased it.  Given our sunny morning yesterday, it seemed like a nice idea to wind down the semester with some bright red with white repp stripes and a three-button blazer that features heavy brass buttons with the University of Wisconsin seal in the center. If anyone actually got close enough to scrutinize said buttons, and the light went on about the colors on the necktie, it would be clear where my heart truly lies although we are one state to the right of Wisconsin on the map.


In other news, today (Thursday) is my final day of classes for this semester.   Classes end officially tomorrow (Friday). Why, oh, why do certain students insist on coming to the last office hours of the term to complain about grades and past assignments NOW?  Oh, and the two who assured me that they would come to "talk" (in other words whine) to me?  One is pulling an 86% at this point and the other an 89%.  And that's before the final paper has even been collected, graded, and added to the mix.  Sigh.

  -- Heinz-Ulrich

And the lower  half. 

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