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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Week Style, or How to Enjoy the Snow and Cold. . .

 The Young Master and Dad on Christmas Day.

 The Young Master led the way on the Feast of Stephen, or December 26th.

The Young Master set the pace right from the start yesterday, December 26th.

My humble suggestion, if you live somewhere where there is winter weather right now, is to get outside and enjoy it in some way rather than complain about it like so many do.  Around our house, we like to toboggan, sled, and ski cross-country.  We have been able to do a fair amount of both the last four weeks or so here in Mid-Michigan.  The three of us have been out together each of the last three days, and the Young Master and I plan to head out again tomorrow to yet another nearby park with trails.  His skiing has really improved since last year.  The Young Master gets good glide when striding, navigates small hills well, and double-poles like a trooper to extend his glide.

-- Heinz-Ulrich
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