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Monday, August 19, 2013

What's the #1 reaon you should kick up your everyday style?

Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson) and James Bond (Sean Connery) leave the casino where they've just met in Dr. No (1962).

In a word, guys, women are the sole reason you need to kick up your everyday style a few notches.  If you don't buy into what I've mentioned previously about (self-) respect and making a solid impression with professional acquaintances, you need to look pulled together for women. . .  or the guys if that's your thing.

Thank of it this way.  If you're unattached, you want to catch the eyes of and be an attractive prospect to quality people.  And if you're already in a serious relationship, or even married, you want to remain attractive to that person rather than reverting to the sloppy attitudes, appearance, and/or behavior of a bratty 10-year old, which will definitely make you less attractive in the long run.  Right?

Now, you don't necessarily have to go the black tie route of Bond, James Bond in the photograph above.  But, you can certainly trade in the sneakers or flip-slops, cargo shorts, t-shirt, and backwards baseball cap for some quality leather shoes, creased wool pants, a pressed shirt (with or without a tie), and a blazer or sports jacket that fits you.  

Dress accordingly if your workplace will allow you out of khakis and the company logo'ed polo.  And during your off hours when you're headed out with that special gal or guy, you know what?  Show him or her that you care enough to pull yourself together.  Demonstrate a little grace and sophistication by dressing up for the occasion.  Even when it's just for some take-out Chinese food and a movie or coffee at the local cafe afterwards.     

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Der Alte Fritz said...

Good advice there Herr von Boffke.