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Monday, September 22, 2014

Shoulder Season Monday. . .

Yours truly at midday on Shoulder Season Monday.

A bright, crisp final day of Summer, and Autumn is definitely in the air today with temperatures hovering in the upper 60s Fahrenheit (about 20 Celsius).  Time then to pull out a slightly warmer, medium weight jacket, an oxford cloth button-down shirt, and a recently acquired pair of new brogue/wingtip shoes early this morning!  Here's the breakdown of the above items, most of which were thrifted, or, in the case of the jacket, purchased for a song on Ebay.  They are:

* Canali Wool Flannel Glen Plaid Sports Jacket -- Ebay
* Brooks Brothers OCBD Shirt -- Ebay
* Land's End Italian Silk Knit Tie -- Purchased on Sale
* Land's End Dark Tan Leather Belt -- Purchased on Sale
* Italian Silk Pocket Square (a bit wild here)-- Thrifted
* Mid-gray Worsted Wool Pants -- Thrifted
* Charcoal Marino Wool to-the-knee Dress Socks-- Free from Allen Edmonds
* Dark Reddish Tan Vintage J.C. Penney Goodyear Welted Leather Shoes  -- Thrifted

There we are.  A nice overall shoulder season look I think, despite the loony orange and brown polka dot square bursting forth from my jacket pocket, ably demonstrating how a guy can dress a bit better than average for very little money.  The most spent on any one item was in having the jacket altered slightly after hanging in the upstairs hall closet for only two or three years.  Now, if the weather cooperates, I can get out the tweeds, flannel, and corduroy, along with a couple of recently acquired fall/winter weight suits, in the next few weeks.  Bring on the cooler weather say I!

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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