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Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn Is Underway!

The bottom half today.  These shoes by Allen Edmonds are by far the most comfy of my four such pairs of long-wing brogues.  Time to donate or sell a couple of the others I think.

Cooler weather is here, and I actually managed to get out the warmer attire for the fall and winter months yesterday and brush down and stow the lighter weight clothes in the hall closet at the top of the rear staircase.  Today is mostly sunny, cool, and breezy, perfect for a tweed jacket, wool necktie, corduroy pants, and a pair of brogues.  Here's a breakdown of the various items worn today:

* Gray and Charcoal Herring Bone Harris Tweed  jacket w/real leather buttons -- Thrifted
* Land's End OCBD shirt with light blue and yellow tattersall pattern -- Thrifted
* Navy Wool Necktie w/mustard yellow and green foulard pattern -- Thrifted
* Brown, Dark Green, and Yellow Italian Silk  Pocket Square -- Thrifted
* Land's End Forest Green corduroy pants -- Purchased On Sale
* Brown and Charcoal Argyll pattern socks -- ''  "
* Land's End Brown Braided Belt -- "  "
* Allen Edmonds "MacNeil" Wingtip Brogues -- Ebay

Who says you've got to spend a bundle to look halfway decent?  I felt pretty good in any case since I prefer cooler weather, and Fall is my favorite season.  It must have shown on my face and movement, because a student whose face I recognized, although I could not place her name, smiled as we passed each other on The Quad this morning and said, "You've got an extra spring to your step today, Professor von Boffke!"

Best of all, I finally made it to my tailor Mrs. V. with all of that stuff that has been hanging in the backseat of the car since last Friday, and tried on the various items for her to make notes for the necessary alterations.  It seems, she will be able to let out the side seams of the double-breasted coat, part of that amazing flannel suit in a muted cream and charcoal Glen Plaid pattern, so that it does not pull at the buttoning point.  Hurrah!  I feared there might not be enough material left in the shell to do so, but Mrs. V. seems to think there is more than enough.  Hey, she's the expert, right?  

With any luck, I ought to have the suit back by midweek next week along with the other recently acquired cool/cold weather items!  Stay tuned for a photo or two here.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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