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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wild and Crazy Hose. . .

Today's socks by Dapper Classics along with shoes by Allen Edmonds and a pair of light gray wool gaberdine dress pants.  On the top, a blue and white checked Land's End button-down collar shirt, a dark red Land's End Italian silk knit tie, and an olive '3/2 Roll' sports jacket by Brooks Brothers along with a brown and black leaf motif pocket square.

According to this recent article in The Atlantic, so called "statement socks" for men are really trendy right now.  Strange.  I was wearing such items more than 30 years ago just because I liked 'em.  

Fine, but what's the point?  As I've said often before here at The Average Guy's Guide to Classic Style, have some fun with your clothes and don't be afraid to look little different and and a little more pulled together than the sea of clueless schlubs out there.  Break out of the corporate gray flannel suit box, or, even worse, the dreaded business casual cage that is comfort sole shoes (with square toes), grubby khakis, and some kind of monogrammed polo golf shirt or pilled fleece in cooler weather.  

Instead, cultivate a taste for more interesting, classic garments and accessories that actually fit.  You'll be glad you did.  And even if you aren't, your spouse, partner, or significant other certainly will be.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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guy said...

I have loved colourful socks for ages. Great fun and it allows a bit of individuality and the escape from the dreaded white sports sock. I always wear them at weekends and sometimes at work. It started many years ago when I tried to track down socks which I called 'cardinal pink'. I thought if they were good enough for the Princes of the Church they would be good enough for me. These days I have a drawer full of colourful stripes, harlequin colours, bold colours etc. Friends frequently comment on them as well as my various silk pocket squares. Black socks just for v formal occasions and with the DJ.