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Friday, September 11, 2015

Bring on the Cooler Weather!!!

A selection of heavier (and unironed) oxford cloth button-down shirts in my very cramped temporary closet.  From left to right, two shades of blue, sea green, red, and pink university stripe shirts by Land's End, Brooks Brothers, and L.L. Bean.

Like many men in the online 'style' universe, cooler fall weather cannot arrive fast enough for yours truly.  Yesterday was comfortable, today is downright cool, and, I believe, the forecast for the weekend looks promising.  Gray, rainy, and cool.  Ahhhhh.  However, the longer term forecast for next week seems to indicate that warmer weather will return by midweek, or so.  This being Michigan, that could always change, of course, and quickly too.  

When Mother Nature finally makes up her mind, and Autumn arrives in earnest, it will be nice to haul out the tweeds, flannels, the heavier suits, and double-breasted items, as well as the heavier navy blazers.  And, then there are the chunky OCBD shirts shown above, which are really too warm for temperatures above about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and even that might be stretching things a bit.  Still, a guy can dream until there is a a distinct nip in the air, right?

On that note, I finally managed to locate my heavy dark green duffle coat after fearing for much of the summer that it somehow disappeared in the move from Illinois.  Apparently, it's in another closet in my wife's temporary home office at the far end of the apartment.  Who knows?  The weather might actually be cold enough here to wear the coat a bit more often this winter.

Finally, in other news, we meet with our real estate lady on Saturday (tomorrow) morning to set into motion formally the eventual purchase of a new home.  Everything we want.  Excellent schools, quiet area far enough away from campus, large front- and backyards, plenty of space indoors, etc., etc.  If the stars align just right, we plan to move in just before Christmas during mid-December.  I know, I know. . .  Serenity now!

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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