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Friday, December 18, 2015

Casual Mid-December 2015 Style. . .

The top half for today, a cold, blustery one with some snowflakes in the air.

Not much to report style-wise on this end.  With our move from our temporary digs on Monday this week, I've mostly been up to my waist in cardboard moving boxes and packing materials as I've tried to get the first floor of the new house in order at least.  Wednesday saw us touring what will be our son's new school come January, so I did manage to pull on a blue and white University Stripe ocbd shirt, red wool necktie, tweed jacket, corduroy pants, and a pair of long-wing brogues for that, but no photographs sadly.  

However, this morning, I had to journey into campus to pickup several student papers that were left in my mailbox AFTER the deadline on the final day of class last week.  The assumption by young people that this is some how permissible and ok drives me crazy.  Especially when it has not been discussed and arranged with me beforehand (a policy laid out clearly in the course syllabi by the way).  But that is another subject entirely.  Let's not get started on it today.

Anyway, since I wanted to look presentable but did not feel like shaving (I know, I know), I went for a slightly more casual look today, which consisted of the items shown in these two photographs.  Not shown beneath this sweater is one of my several light blue ocbd shirts.  This is just one more example that demonstrates how a man can be casual and comfortable with just a little forethought and care. . .  and without straying anywhere near sloppiness.  I'm still wearing  this gear (minus the duffle coat and scarf) as I type this particular blog entry. 

My favorite item shown here is the L.L. Bean Norwegian fisherman's sweater, the genuine 'Made in Norway' item.  I was given a very one by Mom and Step-dad for my birthday in November 1992, which I still have and wear, and purchased a navy and cream one after Christmas at a substantial discount in January 1993.  I also jumped on this one when I saw if for sale at An Affordable Wardrobe in September 2014when Giuseppe was still selling vintage and used menswear online.  While I have and wear a couple of much fancier sweaters made by Dale of Norway, my favorites remain these fairly simple cream and charcoal ones which go with just about anything.

Happy (Almost) Winter Solstice from Lower Michigan!

-- Heinz-Ulrich 

And the bottom half.  Glad I was able to locate my Bean Boots and 'duck shoes' quickly.  We are supposed to have several inches of snow in the night.

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