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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Early Advent Season Style. . .

The top half today, featuring a red and white university stripe ocbd Brooks Brothers 'Makers' shirt and a wool necktie (one of my favorites) by Pendleton.  While I wear them all winter long, usually with tweed jackets, the three or four wool tartan neckties in my collection seem most suitable during the holiday season.

Going for a slightly festive and seasonally appropriate look this morning since we have just over a week of classes left here at MSU before Finals Week and Christmas Break.  However, you'll note there is no sign of Tweety Pie (or Sylvester the Cat et al) in a Santa Claus hat.  Perish the thought although we certainly see plenty of goofuses each year at this time who think such ties are subversive and thus riotously funny.  Puh-leeze!  Maybe the first time, or at the big middle school winter solstice dance.  But after you've seen the same thing 500 times on any guy older than 21 for too many Decembers running?  Um, no.  Give me a pretty wool plaid necktie any day.


Keeping everything else reasonably sedate, I opted for charcoal Merino wool socks and gray wool flannel pants with brown shoes for the lower half.

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