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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Classic Style Has Gone to the Dogs!

 Tuesday's combination of shoes, attire, and accessories.

With the approach of a "certain birthday" (The 29th, of course!), I've been treating myself to a number of small things that I don't exactly need, but I simply like.  For example, I ordered a couple of dog breed neckties last week from the good folks at Chipp Neckwear, a navy tie featuring West Highland White Terriers, and the red number below with black standard poodles all over it.  

At different times in the past, my family has enjoyed both types of dogs, who were members of the family.  So too was the pair of Labrador Retrievers that my father had many years ago, which was when I learned about how bird dogs are actually trained, not just for hunting, but also so they'll behave in the house AND heel on the leash.  

Hmmm.  If I ever actually decide to retire, or I'm made to go, maybe I'll rekindle my interest in this one day an get back into dog training.  It's an interesting, rewarding activity, and having a dog that is actually socialized to behave itself is a rare treat considering what I observe of most people in 2016, and how they can't/don't/won't control their childr. . . um, uh, er. . . their dogs..

-- Heinz-Ulrich

Today's similar look early this morning, but with a double-breasted version of the blazer and dove gray khakis.  I think I've got about four navy blazers at this point.  Don't say it!  I know, I know. . .  But it truly is one of those indispensable items that you come back to again and again.

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