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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post-Election Blues. . .

The upper half this morning, featuring a new handmade Italian necktie from Barney's in New York, courtesy of my younger sister in honor of my recent birthday.  Yes, "that" birthday.

And the lower half.

A 50th birthday gift from my wife, the Grand Duchess, who presented me with this delightful briefcase from Allen Edmonds last weekend.  It replaces a similar 13-year old Samsonite briefcase, which has looked a little long in the tooth for the last four or five years.  This one is soft, supple, and the pleasant aroma of leather fills my car and office.  Oh, and the car is an almost new Subaru outback with 4-wheel drive.  Ok, so it's not the 1963 12-cylinder E-Type Jaguar convertible in British Racing Green with tan top and interior that I really wanted, but I suspect that car would not do well in the winter weather we have here in Mid-Michigan.  Call it intuition.

You know, when all else fails, I enjoy thinking of my various interests and hobbies, which bring me joy even when too busy to actually indulge in them.  So, let's forget recent events here at home for just a moment and think about things like clothing, toy soldiers, books, cross-country skiing, and jazz for instance in a desperate bid to restore needed mental and emotional equilibrium.  Above are photographs of today's attire along with a new briefcase.  My aftershave (cologne really) today was a tiny splash of Gray Flannel by Geoffrey Beene.  On a normal day, I would have had a spring to my step.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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