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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Random February Thoughts. . .

I have no idea what Sean Connery is like in real life as an older man.  He was certainly a rough and tough guy in his younger years by many accounts, but Connery nevertheless managed to come across as polished and urbane in his James Bond guise 50-odd years ago.

1) Navy grenadine necktie

2) "How do you do?" accompanied by a firm handshake.

3) A moderated speaking voice.

4) Uncluttered living and work spaces.

5) Discretion in all things.

6) Understatement

7) The power of handwritten thank-you notes versus email. . .  or (more typically) nothing.

8) Pleasant table manners

9) A mouth free of chewing gum

10) Telephone conversations in private

11) Inoffensive personal habits. . .  even when at home with the door closed. 

12) Polish, sophistication, and good grooming always

13) "The Dearborn" by Optimo Hats of Chicago

14) A subdued olive green knit silk necktie with a pink and white university stripe OCBD shirt worn beneath a Harris Tweed sports jacket with dress corduroy pants in any number of colors. 

15) FYI -- The final two items seem to invite favorable comments from ladies of all ages. 

-- Heinz-Ulrich 
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