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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Blazers, Blues, Bingo Little, and Buck Knife Wednesday. . .

 The upper half this morning, featuring one of my workhorse navy blazers worn with a necktie from Bird Dog Bay, a nod to my distant equestrian past. If I recall the Wodehouse stories rightly, Bingo Little once sported a similar item, which almost put  the normally unflappable Jeeves to bed for a few days when he noticed it.

Still having fun with the wardrobe this week, an easy one thanks to peer editing of the first student learning team papers and collecting said projects today and tomorrow (Thursday).  Then, the real fun begins once I must sit down to read through everything two or three times and assign grades using the grading rubric for the project. 

-- Heinz-Ulrich

And the lower half, featuring a recently recrafted pair of Allen Edmonds captoe oxfords and a patterned pair of pants that I have not worn in over two years.  How do I know?  I (re-) discovered my late maternal  grandfather's Buck pocketknife in the right front pocket.  The pocketknife has been missing since the spring of 2016!  A happy and terrific relief.  Clearly this particular pair of pants needs to be worn more often.

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