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Friday, September 28, 2018

Suede Thursday. . .

 The upper half yesterday.  Slightly dandy with the purple and pink parrot pocket square, but hey. . . So, how do I entertain myself during twice weekly obligatory office hours to which few if any students ever come?  Why, take selfies of my attire of course.  That and comb article databases for the latest thinking on college-level pedagogy.  Actually turned up some interesting stuff this time!

And the more sedate lower half, featuring some olive-gray dress chinos that are about a dozen years old, Merino wool dress socks, and a pair of Allen Edmonds suede half wings that were recrafted two or even three years ago..

This particular combination of jacket, chinos, shirt, and shoes works really well during the fall months before the snow finally flies in late November or early December.  So much so that the jacket and pants hang together on the same hanger although once cold weather arrives, I sometimes swap in a pair of charcoal or mid-gray wool flannel dress pants.  But that's getting a bit ahead of things.  

Yesterday was crisp, partly to mostly sunny as the early morning cloud cover abated, and decidedly seasonal.  A perfect day to trot out a wool flannel sports jacket and the suede dress shoes in lieu of the lighter weight hopsack blazers, linen, or seersucker, and loafers that have figured prominently since the autumn semester began one month ago.  Can you believe it?  Only two weeks to go until Midterm!

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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