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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Average Guys Can Wear Pink. . .

Today's classic look on the way out the door and back to campus early this afternoon.

In my continuing quest to have a little fun with color and pattern, as well as encourage others out there to give it a whirl too, here are a couple of photographs featuring today's ensemble.  You know what, guys?  It's perfectly alright to wear some pink now and again.  Time to abandon those very silly, hyper-masculine American ideas we hold dear about what so called "real men" do and don't do, wear and won't wear.  You can kick up your everyday style quite a few notches when you throw that overly cautious nature of yours to the sartorial wind and add several more visually interesting pieces to your wardrobe.

Today was the first outting for the vintage Reis of New Haven Black Watch regimental stripe necktie, which I found at my best local thrifting spot a year or so ago, but it has since been buried in the back of the closet until unearthed again last night.  The London Fog topcoat is something I found late last winter on Ebay at a ridiculously low price, but I don't believe it has ever shown up here before.  The Land's End cotton oxford cloth button-down shirt has been with me for 9 or 10 years.  The other items have shown up here before, in one form or another, at various times.

We've just had two or three very chilly days with some light snow here, unusual in this neck of the woods for the first half of November.  So, the first half of the week saw tweed, corduroy, and Fair Isle sweaters galore beneath a heavy wool duffel coat.  However, the weather and temperature moderated today, so back to some lighter wool flannel and the topcoat as well as tasseled loafers with some funny socks peeking out from underneath.  Today's combination of garments and accessories put an extra spring in my step on the way to and from campus and helped me forget about the ever increasing amount of gray in my eyebrows for a little while.  A good object lesson in how the right clothes can positively affect one's mood and outlook regardless of the various and sundry challenges life might throw one's way during the workweek.  Still, how sad to begin the graying process at only 29!  ;-) 

-- Heinz-Ulrich

 Here's a slightly better shot of the vintage London Fog Glen Plaid topcoat.  Just the right weight for a cooler day in the upper 40s-lower 50s Fahrenheit.

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