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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Relaxing around the house today?

This is how to do casual.  Simple and relaxed, yet still pulled together, so you won't embarrass yourself if the doorbell rings and you happen to answer it.  The young Bill Cosby.

It's a chilly November 2nd, and it might be tempting to sit around the house all day in bagged out sweatpants and your old college t-shirt with ancient salsa and beer stains down the front.  How about trying a different tack and putting on some real pants and a decent looking casual top by lunchtime?  You can't go wrong with some classic jeans (no rips, artificial fading, or "relaxed fit" dad jeans, please), corduroys, or flannel lined khakis, a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors (mine are bright red), and a crew neck pull-over of some kind like the young Bill Cosby sports above.  

It's a very simple, timeless, and laid back look that's perfect for an afternoon of watching whatever sport you might prefer on television, visiting your local cafe or watering hole this afternoon, or raking up some red and orange leaves in the yard before suppertime.  Regardless of the precise activity, however, you won't look like an overgrown adolescent slob who doesn't know any better. 

Oh, I know.  Life is so hard and unfair.  Woe is me.  Come on, men. . .  Chin up!  Let's at least act like we give a damn and give some slight consideration to those around us.  Self-centered, piggy attitudes and behavior ain't attractive at all.  And it's not like you've got to put on a suit and tie today for Heaven's sake.  But let's at least try not to look like someone who has fallen through the cracks of society and been spit out at the bottom of the porn industry.  It's just a thought, but the person with whom you share a living space might appreciate that tiny extra bit of effort that you put into your appearance. . .  even though it's the weekend.

As for me, I'll dig out a pair of dark green cords and a comfy old charcoal gray Shetland wool sweater to wear over an old button-down collar shirt with wool socks and the red high-top retro sneakers  on the bottom for  our Saturday here.  It's that lovely, quiet post-Halloween lull before the the race toward the American Thanksgiving holiday revs up, followed by the enforced insanity that, sadly, has become the Advent and Christmas season.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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