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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Strive for Playful Irreverence in Your Attire. . .

Monday's playfully irreverent ensemble.

While it is important to have some general knowledge of "the rules" with regard to menswear, it is equally important not to become so bound to them that you can't have a little fun from time to time with what you put on.  I'm not even sure what rules might have been ignored with yesterday's combination of clothes, but it all seemed to look reasonably good once I finished dressing and glanced quickly in the mirror before heading to campus.   Here's the rundown:

* Ralph Lauren double-breasted wool jacket in glen plaid, courtesy of An Affordable Wardrobe
* Bachrach charcoal wool flannel trousers
* Allen Edmonds shoes newly shined (old nylon stockings do wonders for getting that glassy shine on the toes and heels).
* Land's End cotton oxford cloth button-down shirt in blue university stripe
* Land's End silk whale necktie
* Land's End leather dress belt
* Allen Edmonds Merino wool socks
* Nameless silk pocket square with hand-rolled edges that's actually a woman's scarf, but the size was right, so hey. . .

As usual, everything shown was either thrifted, purchased new but on sale, or via Ebay.  The notable exception was the jacket, a bit more expensive, but worth every penny in my book given it's style, pattern, and absolutely amazing fit.  I only wish there had been suit pants to go with it!

The point is that we shouldn't feel absolutely hogtied by the perceived rules of correct dress.  Relax a little and have some fun with your clothes.  As long as you don't resemble Ted Knight's character on the old Mary Tyler Moore TV show, you'll very probably look leagues better than most guys you'll bump into these days.  And that's perfectly ok.  We're trying, after all, to kick up our everyday style several notches, find, and develop the confidence necessary to leave the house actually looking like we've got places to go and people to see five days a week.  Somehow, bagged out sweatpants, relaxed fit dad jeans, fleeces, and over-sized white sneakers along with a ratty old baseball cap don't quite leave the same impression.  Know what I mean?

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