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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Make a it a Double-breasted Wednesday!

A Brooksgate wool flannel navy blazer with brown foulard necktie and a green and white University Stripe OCBD shirt.

L.L. Bean gray flannel pants, Merino wool socks by Dapper Classics, and those recrafted (2013) Allen Edmonds shortwings once again.

Still having fun with clothes this morning and thought I'd upload these before finishing lunch and getting back to the afternoon grind.  At my old institution in Central Illinois, one of the most visible university muckety mucks also wore double-breasted blazers and suits.  And he looked pretty good too.  But the problem was in his always matching bowtie and pocket square exactly.  Clearly these were purchased as sets.  

In private, my wife the Grand Duchess expressed the opinion that that particular feature of his attire made him look like he was dressed for a high school musical when he might otherwise have looked really sharp.  Since I veer toward the dandy side of thing anyway and occasionally stray into matchy-matchy territory myself, albeit unwittingly, I'll hold my tongue (uncharacteristic I realize)  and keep walking forward without adding any snide comments of my own.  

After all, how many men do we really see these days, at least in the United States, wearing double-breasted blazers and suits?  Exactly.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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