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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Southwick Tweed Suit Tuesday. . .

The top half of today's tweed suit venture.  A very, very warm and heavy suit.  The pants are fully lined to the ankles, so it must be chilly weather before this one is practical.  Dark blue and maroon paisley silk braces worn with this in lieu of a belt.

It was uncanny, but I was nearly done in by a disembodied hand writhing around on my office floor this morning.  Somehow, it had managed to wriggle its way into my Seiko slim dress watch, a birthday gift from good ol' Mom about a dozen years ago.

Navy Merino wool socks by Dapper Classics with resoled vintage Florsheim gunboats.  I obviously need to apply brown sole dressing and a coat or two of clear polish on top of that, darn it.

Enjoyed trotting this Southwick 3/2 suit out today for early morning office hours, rereading selected course texts, and lesson planning followed by a couple of classes (with a medium cappucino in between) this afternoon during which I returned the graded second batch of formal papers collected two weeks ago.  Mostly very good to excellent this time around, and, as always, I learned a few new things from my students and had interesting ideas brought to my attention as I worked through their papers during the last 12 days or so.  That is what I enjoy most about my vocation.  But. . .

There are always several papers in each batch where the student writers clearly did not bother to read the detailed assignment prompts and wrote something else besides what the assignment asked for.  Or what they wrote was so vague and lacking in any specific details that it became apparent by the bottom of page one that these particular undergrads -- I have freshmen through seniors in each of my courses -- had not thought about the materials beyond the most superficial level.

Then, my particular favorite.  I always receive a few papers each go-around so poorly written that two or three consecutive readings leave me none the wiser as to what the writers mean to say about their topic.  We want to assign good grades, really we do, but jeeze Louise.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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Old School said...

"We want to assign good grades, really we do..."

Students really don't understand that we don't get a sadistic pleasure out of giving low grades, and are, in fact, delighted when their performance exceeds our expectations, and we are able to give good grades.