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Friday, October 9, 2015

October Campus Style. . .

An absolutely stunning autumn day here today.  Cool, breezy, and mostly cloudy with the leaves starting to change colors.  Mostly reds, yellows, and oranges but still lots of green.  Campus was beautiful in the most quiet of ways with very few actual students in evidence  as I walked across it just after Noon for my lunchtime meeting.  

The relative absence of undergrads comes as no surprise really since it is Friday remember.   Class attendance drops off noticeably on Mondays and Fridays as students are either recovering from the weekend, or already began gearing up for it Thursday night and are in no shape to attend classes come Friday morning.  A professor of mine -- from Norway oddly enough -- observed as much 20 years ago when I wrapped up my own undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Of course, she made, and I make, a very broad generalization.  There ARE very conscientious and serious students out there, but there is also more than a grain of truth to ol' Ingeborg's observation first made way back in 1995.  

But back to the walk across campus, when I took the opportunity to snap a few impromptu photographs with my phone as I went along from one side to the other.  Everyone moans about how big campus is here at MSU, but I find it eminently walkable.  Especially with a solid pair of vintage Florsheim brogues on my feet.  These pictures are four of the better ones, taken around the old central part of the university as I crossed campus today.  Enjoy.  I certainly did.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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