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Saturday, October 10, 2015

One Lazy Saturday in October Style. . .

Some old Land's End khaki shorts, my usual rugby top, and Sperry topsiders.  Almost too cool in the shade now for this stuff, but it was fine in the sun.

YMP just before spilling the bubble solution.  No more until springtime!

 A very casual and yet stylish YMP in some madras shorts, OCBD, and his own Sperry topsiders.

Just a quiet (and brilliantly sunny) October Saturday with the boys today (the Grand Duchess is away at a conference).  The Young Master, who will turn six in a couple of weeks, and yours truly spent a couple of hours this afternoon fooling around outside with bubbles, magic sand, and foam rubber rockets with launcher plus some attempts at tree-climbing and running at top speed around the grassy courtyard area.  Pepperoni pizza for supper this evening.  YMP's favorite.  Why can't we have more lazy days like this?

-- Heinz-Ulrich

A selection from the overly large necktie rotation, right now around 95, or 100 in number.  I know, I know. Some of these ties have been featured here in recent weeks.  Spent a couple of hours midday today swapping the warmer weather gear with the tweeds, corduroys, and flannels, sorting out a few things for mending and/or minor alterations before next spring, and zipping everything into breathable garment bags.  I also pulled out several jackets and a pair of pants that I just don't wear, or have decided don't work for/on me.  These will go to the local Goodwill next week.

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Old School said...

Giving away things one doesn't wear is usually a far greater pleasure than acquiring them.