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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun with Patterned Socks. . .

Yesterday evening's bottom half, featuring the new, pre-production Dapper Classics cream and brown herringbone socks, which I think are Merino wool from their feel. . .  along with khakis and Allen Edmonds loafers.  The top half featured a navy blue blazer and muted plaid sports shirt with a button-down collar.  No necktie last night, but I did stuff a very pretty silver and gray paisley Italian silk pocket square into the blazer pocket before heading out the door.

The regular academic year is over, however there is still occasion for another three weeks to dress up (sort of) on Tuesday evenings for a community education film course I'm leading on the Film Noir genre of the 1940s-1950s.  A perfect opportunity last night to have a little fun with the new socks you see above that were a bonus item sent to me by the people at Dapper Classics along with a couple of pairs I purchased on sale the other day. 

Dapper Classics offer all kinds of snazzy, well-made dress socks in patterns and more traditional solid colors.  The socks come in mid-calf and knee-lengths, and they are priced at US$20-$24 per pair.  In addition, they are available in mercerized cotton or Merino wool, depending on the model, and, best of all, they stay up all day.  Perfect for the guy who just can't bring himself to wear sock garters!   Plus, the company runs many sales and special promotions, so you can often pick up a good pair of dress socks that will serve you well for around US$10-$12.

In any case, and forgive the shameless plug, I've been extremely pleased with the 8-10 pairs that  I have purchased or been given by my son and wife.  So much so, that I purchase a pair or two whenever Dapper Classics runs a promotion, which is fairly often.  You can find and like DC on Facebook to keep up with them.  Who says your sock drawer must contain only charcoal, navy, dark brown dress socks. . .  or (shudder) the white athletic variety?

On other fronts, stay tuned for a second installment of 'A Stylish Residence,' which will continue my commentary and observations from the other day on how average guys might kick up the everyday style of their living spaces and keep them spic & span.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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