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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Three Simple Tips to Help You Look More Stylish and Pulled Together. . .

 It's time to learn how to iron your own shirts, guys!

Here are three ridiculously easy ways for average guys to kick up their everyday style several notches without breaking the bank or overhauling their entire wardrobe.  Ready?  Here ya go.

1) Learn to iron your shirts!
Even with jeans, a pressed and tucked in oxford cloth button-down collar dress shirt with helps make an average guy look a lot more pulled together.  Here's a very helpful link to get you started on how to iron men's dress shirts quickly and without fuss.  Skip the spray starch though, which will help your shirts last much longer and help you look a little more relaxed and unstudied in your attire.  And note!  Even these no-iron cotton dress shirts that everyone is selling now look a whole lot better if you touch 'em up quickly with an iron.  Don't make the mistake of thinking you can get away with NOT ironing your shirts.  It shows.

2) Pull up your damn pants, tuck in your shirt, and keep everything in place with a belt!
A tucked in short will instantly transform your everyday look from "unsophisticated slob who doesn't know any better" to "a stylish adult male who pays attention to detail and always puts his best foot forward."  Even during the evening hours and the weekend.  Best of all, a tucked in shirt looks just as good with jeans as it does with khakis or creased wool dress pants (although I hope you wear a sports jacket or blazer with the latter).  Here is a handy link that sheds light how to tuck in your shirt, so that everything stays in place.  However you do it, get those pants up to your natural waist where they belong, and keep your shirt tucked in with a belt.  It ain't that hard, boys.

3) Keep your shoes polished and the welts dust free!
The number of guys walking around with poorly maintained shoes is astounding.  Even when it's clear that their clothes might have cost quite a bit.  Yep, maintaining the appearance of your leather dress shoes is vital if you want to kick up your everyday style several notches.  And that means you've got to shine them occasionally.  Here is a link on the dying art of how to keep your leather dress shoes looking good.  If that's too much trouble, at least hit your shoes with some moisturizer, buff them to a high shine with a horsehair shoe brush, and redress the heels and soul edges with either brown or black soul dressing.  And do this several times a year.  Oh, and don't forget to match your shoes and belt as closely as possible.

There!  Easy as pie, it costs hardly anything, and we have never once mentioned suits or neckties.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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