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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

'Easter Morning,' painted by Norman Rockwell in 1959.

Happy Easter to those of you who might observe.  

If your Easter Sunday plans included attendance at a church service, I hope you put your best foot forward and dressed up a bit more than has become the sad norm among many church-goers here in the United States.  Sure, it is what's on the inside that counts.  But things like respect for, and an awareness of, special occasions and celebrations, to say nothing of respect for your fellow celebrants, (should) call for a certain amount of decorum, refinement, and polish in our attire and behavior.  

But is it really necessary to say that?  Clearly, for many it is.  After all, you're not simply hopping in the car to pick up a half-gallon or liter of milk before lunch on a Saturday morning.  Attending a religious service, dinner at someone's home, or a special event beyond the confines of your own TV room is not the same thing as a backyard barbecue in August, a summer vacation on the Carolina Coast, or flopping down on a recliner to watch Monday Night Football in the dreaded and noxious man cave.  People need to understand that and present themselves accordingly. 

It was nonetheless encouraging to peek through the front window late this morning, in search of our Sunday New York Times, and notice a young couple with their little girl, who live across the street from us.  Presumably, they were returning from church.  Mom and toddler-age daughter were dressed in pretty sun dresses, and Dad, bless him, was actually wearing a charcoal suit that fit pretty well with a tie.  

The couple in question, who do not dress like this every day from what I've noticed the past several weeks since the weather has improved, must be 18-20 years our junior.  Perhaps there is some limited hope with regard to the younger set and dressing appropriately when a situation calls for it?  The sight of this happy family was a small, and unexpected Easter surprise in any case.

Ok, I've got a ham to bake, so I'll draw this post to a close.  Best wishes for a peaceful Easter Sunday to you and yours.  Don't go overboard on those jellybeans, marshmallow peeps, and/or chocolate bunnies though.  Easier said than done, right?

-- Heinz-Ulrich

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