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Friday, April 18, 2014

It's a Glen Plaid Good Friday!

 Connery, Sir Sean Connery, wearing a wonderful gray Glen Plaid suit in From Russia with Love (1963).

Since we have had a delightfully sunny and warm spring day in my corner of the world for Good Friday 2014, my vintage Corbin wool-silk Glen Plaid two-piece suit had its first wearing of the year.  I have reached the conclusion that, except for the most staid occasions, this is my favorite pattern for a sports jacket or suit.  Just enough visual interest without going overboard.  If I were limited to a single suit or sports jacket, without a doubt it would have to be in a gray or blue Glen Plaid.  Hands down.

 Another shot from the film for good measure.  Here, Mr. Bond chats with Ali Kerim Bey, played by the late Pedro Gregorio Armend√°riz Hastings.

Now, in no way am I in the same league as the young Sean Connery (sadly), but I still look and feel reasonably good in my own suit, which is a light tan/black with a very fine red and teal overlay.  A gray wool three-piece Glen Plaid suit is on the ol' mental list though.  Unfortunately, my wife, The Grand Duchess, was not available to snap a photo of yours truly this afternoon, so you'll just have to make do with these.  A hardship I know.  But chin up.  I have every confidence that you'll manage.  Somehow.  

Here's a third photograph of, as my mother still insists, the ONLY legitimate 007.  And why not? Once more, Mr. Bond wears his single-breasted, gray two-piece Glen Plaid suit with characteristic ease.

All kidding aside, what's the classic style tip for today then?  Only this.  Guys, if you want to kick up your everyday style several notches from where it resides currently, don't fear patterns.  Solid navy and charcoal suits are fine.  They'll serve you reasonably well when you need a suit, especially if you must restrict yourself to just one, but they lack that certain panache and, indeed, that joie de vivre so ably characterized and conveyed by the Glen Plaid suit.  

So, it's time to get over yourself and add a sports jacket or suit in a Glen Plaid pattern to your wardrobe.  Wear it with pride and aplomb.  You'll stand out at once as a man of considerable style, taste, grooming, and sophistication, which is what we're really after here at The Average Guy's Guide to Classic Style.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

Saturday Update. . .
For true clothing nerds.  Otherwise, just ignore the following.  The third of three Brooks Brothers items (purchased with money earned from selling shoes via The Average Guy's Guide to Classic Style on Ebay) arrived a little while ago.  I am now the proud owner of three almost new jackets, purchased at very reasonable rates: 

1) Double-breasted 6/2 Navy Blazer

2) Charcoal Glen Plaid Sports Jacket (See the post from yesterday above!)

3) Olive Khaki Summer-weight 3/2 Roll  Jacket 

A perfect fit for all three with a a size 40L.  Just some shortening of the sleeves this summer, and they'll be all ready to roll once the fall semester begins in late August. . .  although I don't want to think of that quite yet.  This has been a difficult year as far as college stuff is concerned.

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