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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Keep Your Eyes Peeled. . .

The GREAT Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as Jeeves and Wooster (the latter in a tweed three-piece).  Besides the wonderful storylines based on the Wodehouse stories, the series is a feast for the eyes when it comes to period architecture, decor, cars, and clothes.

As average guys who have embarked on revamping and building your wardrobes -- and, perhaps, are also watching their pennies -- it pays to be vigilant, think ahead, and keep your eyes open when it comes to classic male attire.  That might very well mean purchasing an item when you see it in a thrift/charity shop or online even if it's out of season with your current climate and weather conditions.

The J. Press tweed suit in question.  I've been on the look-out for something like this for several years.

For instance, I was able (amazingly) to score this J. Press tweed three-piece suit recently on Ebay for a song.  I won't bore you with a crass enumeration of actual retail costs versus my savings, but clearly no one else watching this item was thinking ahead to next fall and winter yet.  We are really only getting into the swing of springtime here in my corner of the world after all.

The labels inside the jacket and pants.  Never thought I'd actually find anything like this that I could afford.  Dumb luck, eh?

In any case, that will give me ample time before cooler weather arrives once again, in October or so, for a few alterations and dry-cleaning.  Needless to say, I cannot wait, and the suit should look fantastic with a wool necktie and a pair of heavier full brogues, ether my old Florsheims or Phi Bates.  Perhaps I should rechristen this blog Confessions of a Classic Menswear Nerd

All of my silly fanboy drivel aside, the lesson for today is that you should never turn a blind eye to a sought after item of attire simply because it might be summer, and you're not yet thinking about winter coats and boots.  Look for future potential and, when the price is right, snap up whatever it might be.  That vintage fedora, Harris Tweed sports jacket, or genuine Ancient Madder necktie you've spotted might not be there an hour later.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

Update. . .

Sigh.  The tweed suit above arrived a couple of days ago, and. . .  It is far too small.  More a like a small 38R, or even a 36R.  The jacket is much too tight in the shoulders, the vest/waistcoat is too tight, and the pants, even if the waist were let out an inch or so, are, again, too tight for a suit.  What a disappointment, since it was advertised, and the various measurements listed, as a 40R or 41R.  Fortunately, the seller has been very nice about taking it back and offering a refund, but what a sartorial disappointment.  Back to the ol' drawing board.  Grumble, grumble, grumble. . .


Mark Hollingsworth said...

What a find! Cannot wait to see the tailored finished product. Perhaps a pocket watch and chain as well to add to the vintage look?

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you! I am excited, and yes. I actually own a lovely old Swiss pocket watch with chain that good ol' Mom gave me many years ago, so I will indeed add that to the ensemble when cool weather returns.

Best Regards,

Heinz-Ulrich von B.