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Undergrad Style 1965 vs. Undergrad Style 2019. . .

I observe similar scenes, in person or via e-mail, every semester/term.

Much in the 1965 Time Magazine article shared again over on Christian Chensvold's Ivy Style sounds very familiar when it comes to what I read on the multitude of academic and social challenges facing first generation and/or minority undergrads (as well as at least some of the more mollycoddled Generation Z students) during the first few semesters on campus in the second decade of the 21st century.  It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same even in light of the rather  different student demographic now compared to 50+ years ago.   

Even a less highly selective state school (in the U.S. sense), in contrast to a private or genuine ivy league institution, can be a real bucket of ice-cold water to the face for a lot of young people who might not have a clear picture of why they are in college to begin with and the time/focus/effort required to graduate on time.  Those first few semeste…
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Thursday Consult Style. . .

As above. . .  featuring my trusty Ivy Style necktie.

So below. . .  Yet another pair of dress chinos (I think they must breed) -- we always have referred to them as khakis in my family -- and a pair of Allen Edmonds 'Lake Forest' loafers.  Very comfortable and a nice change from penny, monkstrap, or tasseled loafers.

Classes may be over for yours truly until the end of August, but a visit to the dental surgeon this morning for a consult and discussion of an upcoming procedure provided just the opportunity to attire myself a bit less casually than is the case between the late spring and late summer each year.  As I've written here before, chino shorts, Madras and knit polo shirts, or Rugby jerseys with leather docksiders are more typical for yours truly during that stretch of time.  Yes, yes. . .  I know.  I know.  Direct any collective wrath that wells up to your respective congress people.  As for me, I'll be outside planting annuals in the flower beds and keeping the …

Is It Better to Be Polite or Frank?

Mid-May Tuesday Style. . .

As above. . .  An old Brooks Bros. sports jacket (thrifted several years back for little more than spare pocket change) in wool-linen-silk with shirt by Land's End and a thrifted silk pocket square that has been in the rotation 2010 or '11.

So below.  Look closely, and you'll spot the start of a respectable mirror shine on the toes of these calfskin monkstrap loafers.

After escorting The Young Master to the school bus this morning, I showered, shaved, and dressed for an informal meeting on campus with a colleague in another program here.  We've decided to work together on a project that should be very interesting for us and, hopefully, others as it develops over time.  As Peggy Lee once sang, "Yes it's a good day. . ."

-- Heinz-Ulrich

Happy Mother's Day. . .

An old Saturday Evening Post illustration that fits today's bill nicely.

It's Mother's Day (here in the United States) gentlemen! I hope you might have something special planned for the woman/women in your life.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

Leslie Saalburg Style. . .

A whole bunch of illustrations this gray, rainy morning (mostly) by Leslie Saalburg, who tackled a range of subjects including menswear, cars, and so forth.  His pictures of classic menswear are as visually pleasing as those by Laurence Fellows.  I seem to recall reading somewhere online that Saalburg was even more prolific.  

Whatever the case may be, there is no arguing his work is inspirational for those of us seeking to see how it still can be done.  Of course I hardly suggest we try to dress like it's the mid-1930s, but there are lots of interesting and colorful details with which we might infuse our wardrobes and attire in 2019, a era otherwise oatmeal-taupe-ecru-mocha in its outlook and uniformity.  Not to mention pilled, wrinkled, and stained.  

Hey, that sounds like a legal firm!  The offices of Ecru, Pilled, Wrinkled, and Stained.  A rival of Duey, Cheatham, and Howe, sponsors of The Car Guys on NPR.  

Predictable, trite witticisms at the expense of attorneys everywhere, en…

Conference Presentation Style. . .

As above. . . with slightly irreverent necktie and muted yet colorful (an oxymoron?) pocket square.

So below.  Playing it a bit safer on the lower half.  Mid-blue tartan socks by Dapper Classics not visible here.

A couple of shots of today's attire snapped just minutes before my talk on how we might increase undergrad reading compliance.  Seemed to go pretty well.  Quite a few showed up, at any rate, and several hung around to talk briefly afterwards.  It is not always so.  

-- Heinz-Ulrich