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Getting started. . .

A jaunty looking Frank Sinatra in the recording studio.  Love him or hate him, the guy always looked like a million bucks. Let's be perfectly frank for a moment.  Blunt.  To the point.  No B.S.  Guys, do you w ant people to take you a little more seriously in your personal and professional life?  Start dressing more nicely every day, and that'll happen.  Not only will you feel better about yourself, but other people will notice too.  And that will be reflected in how they react to you.  Believe me.  I've experienced and noticed it in my own life over the last 20 years. Don't judge a book by it's cover, you say?  It shouldn't matter how you look.  It's what's on the inside that counts, right?  Maybe.  And that's a nice theory, but reality is sometimes very different.  However much we might pretend we don't notice it.  However much we'd like to think that our own appearance doesn't matter.  However much attitude, l

Let's start dressing like grown men again. . .

This guy is dressed just fine. . .  if he's at the park on a Saturday afternoon with his kids, or mowing the backyard. Welcome to The Average Guy's Guide to Style!  This blog will be all about how average guys -- guys who aren't swimming in money, guys who don't necessarily look like models or movie stars, guys who aren't interested in jumping on the latest men's fashion trend bandwagon, and yet still want to look good -- can pull their 'look' together by assembling a modest, versatile wardrobe that is based on classic men's style***.   Jerry asking George to consider what he signals to the rest of the world by appearing in public dressed in sweatpants. Now, there are already hundreds, if not thousands of related style blogs and websites out there in cyberspace telling you how to do this or that.  And while some of those present useful information on dressing well, many others somehow fall short for a variety of reasons.  Some blo