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It Was J. Press Monday!!!

  J. Press tweed and pheasant necktie among other items on top. Suede Allen Edmonds 'Schautal' longwings and Merino wool socks by Dapper Classics on the bottom. H appy to be alive and back in the classroom after a week at home following a horrific automobile accident last Monday, October 24th.  How my son and I walked away from that one I'll never know.  45mph head-on collision with a gal on her cellphone and also yakking in the mirror to her children in the backseat while making a left-hand turn (into me) across heavy, late afternoon traffic.  Never saw her coming thanks to a line of larger SUVs and minivans on my right.   As soon as we came to a stop, I was unbuckled and headed into the backseat after The Young Master to get us the hell out of the car due to the gasoline fumes and aroma of burning wiring.  Son shaken but unhurt.  Corolla totaled beyond repair.  Dad in ER for about six hours last Monday evening undergoing battery of tests, catscans, and x-

Two Looks for the Week and a Tip. . .

The combination of items for Thursday this week -- photographed as I sat in my office waiting for a student who never showed up -- featured a recently recrafted pair of Allen Edmonds split-toe oxfords and a had-made Italian necktie that I picked up a couple of years ago in my old stomping grounds of Ce ntral Illinois for around US$1.00.  I suppose the flowers would probably frighten a lot of guys away from even thinking about wearing it, but it seemed like the perfect Autumn tie for a cool, mostly cloudy October day. M aking an effort to dress better than the average is always a learning experience.  Something I realized earlier this afternoon during a quick visit to my tailor to drop off a few recently acquired pieces for the usual routine alterations.  When it comes to dress pants' inseams, I humbly suggest we opt for a medium break.  This leaves enough length to cover your socks and the tops of your shoes without looking Pee Wee Herman weird.  At the same time, there

Joe Jackson - Steppin Out

Joe Jackson - Breaking Us In Two

Catching Up. . .

  The upper half of a Belvest 6x2 double-breasted suit that I scored for a song on Ebay late last spring during its inaugural wearing last Tuesday.  The waist and seat need to be let out a wee bit more, but otherwise, a very comfortable, nicely fitting suit.  My students that day didn't quite know what to make of it I am sure.  One did ask how many suits I had, and my reply stunned her.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-15, including a few that still need alterations at some point before they can be worn.  I know, I know. . .   And the lower half of same suit.  I thought it best to everything very plain and forego brighter statement socks.  The double-breasted suit makes enough of a statement itself in 2016. S wamped with work and teaching stuff these last few weeks, but I've managed to take a few photographs here and there of the more successful combinations of attire, which I'll share here. I finally got around to ordering a pair of Classic Galoshes from t