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More New Socks from Dapper Classics!

The latest new socks-old shoes combo. Y esterday's new Dapper Classics to-the-knee dress socks, worn with tan monkstrap loafers, olive dress chinos (that keep a crease), pink oxford cloth button-down collar shirt, a double-breasted navy wool blazer, and navy blue Italian wool necktie with a tiny mustard and green florette pattern.  My students never knew what hit 'em. "Huh? Adult males of the species actually wear clothes besides dad jeans without a belt, over-sized white sneakers, and the ubiquitous windbreaker-baseball cap combo?" Keep in mind, these are young people working toward four-year degrees, who fully intend to have careers in what used to be called the white collar sector of society.  Despite the high price tag per year of my small, private university, very few of the students I encounter, or their parents for that matter, seem to have any idea that there is another way of living and presenting oneself to the world.  Sigh.  -- Heinz-Ul

Quality Dress Shoes for Average Guys. . .

F inally tired of the sneakers, flip-flops, and those ugly, elongated square-toed things?   Looking to kick up your everyday footwear style several notches without breaking the bank?  Check out The Average Guy's Guide to Classic Style Ebay page. -- Heinz-Ulrich

Saint Patrick's Day Style. . .

New springtime socks by Dapper Classics, purchased just in time for Saint Patrick's Day 2014. A Shoe Primer, Part II is coming this week, honest, things have just been a little hectic these last several weeks, leaving little time for writing about menswear and classic masculine style.  Still, it seemed like a nice idea to feature a photograph of my lower third this morning.  Here is a pair of new pink and green striped to-the-knee dress socks from Dapper Classics , worn with a pair of suede Allen Edmonds wingtip brogues and some wool flannel dress pants.   Not seen here are the items worn on top, consisting of a wool navy blazer with silver-gray Italian pocket square, a comfy old (but well pressed) light blue OCBD shirt, and a nifty Geoffrey Beene Italian necktie that is, believe it or not, a rather subdued dark blue, dark green, and dark mustard gold mini-houndstooth plaid.  It sounds outrageous, but it is actually so understated that you don't notice it ten feet away.