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Sunday Jazz Style: 'Audrey' by Dave Brubeck

What are your personal habits like?

Are you guilty of this particular charming habit?  Back before social distancing and working from home, the number of people I noticed daily who could not seem to keep their digits out of their nostrils in public was truly stomach churning.  When did everyone start behaving like ill-bred toddlers in a sandbox? U m, men?  We can be the most handsome, most physically fit, best dressed, highly educated, and most accomplished raconteurs around.  But you know what?  We're only as pleasant as our personal habits.  The kind of things you do when you're alone, or when you think no one is watching.  Personal habits might include everything from the condition in which you leave the bathroom following a shave and shower -- or after, ahem, using the facilities -- to making sure dirty clothing makes it into the hamper immediately upon removal, to how you behave at the table during mealtimes, to the state of your entryway and living space, to. . .  Fill in the bank.  The point is, it maters

Let's Dress Up Again!

Mid-Summer Lawn & Garden Style. . .

Not without its problem spots due to tree roots, thin soil, and possibly 35-year old construction debris, but the front lawn looks pretty good in this photograph.  The large bed below the two trees at the upper left needs something done about it, but that will need to wait until cool weather.  I need to locate the paving stones around its edge and get the grass and ground cover off of them. The rear lawn looks equally inviting although it too has quite a few problem spots that some professionally administered top dressing might help, but that will have to wait until next spring or possibly later.  Not sure if I want to undertake that particular task myself. Still, the circular bed in the front lawn looks pretty good here.  The transplanted ornamental grass, which used to live around the mailbox, has taken to its new spot, the Marigolds are still blooming, and it shouldn't be too much longer before the Black-eyed Susans begin to flower.  We need to limit our plantings to things that

4th of July Style. . .

A summery selection of old Laurence Fellows  illustrations to put you in the mood for dressing a cut or two above the usual sad average as you fire up the grill on this Independence Day here in the United States.  And while it's doubtful that most will don a summer weight suit or odd jacket and pants combo, remember that clothing does convey a lot about the person wearing it, whether we like it or not, and so maybe a collared short-sleeved shirt, non-frayed shorts, and fairly clean athletic shoes (at the very least) might be in order regardless of whatever form your celebration takes.  As for yours truly, we're staying home this weekend.  I'll make a batch of my mother's mustard potato salad plus a chilled dessert, and grill bratwursts late in the day for dinner.  The Young Master and I will set off a few small firecrackers at dusk.  And all while clad in my very typical madras shirt, khaki shorts, and well-worn leather docksiders.  July 4th is pretty low key around To