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Embrace the Necktie. . .

T he ten newly thrifted neckties in question.  A lovely mix of wool, cotton, and silk ties, including a few that are handfinished and even one that is entirely hand-made. A verage guys who want to kick their style up a few notches will (or should) learn to love the necktie.  Fewer things provide the opportunity to personalize your ensemble for the day, whether that might consist of an actual suit, a sportsjacket or blazer worn with and odd pair of pants, or even with a blazer and jeans.  And guess what?  If you tie them correctly, and the collar size of your shirt is correct, you will not feel strangled and choked by a cinched up necktie. I ran across this bunch of ten ties yesterday at my best local thrift shop for just over $14 U.S.  All of the ties are either made in the United States or Italy, and, despite minor differences in width, they should work very well with my wardrobe.  In general, I suggest avoiding really skinny neckties from the early 1960s and 1980s as well