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What is my Style? French, British or Italian?

Being a Gentleman - a Woman's Perspective

Random Thoughts for (Almost) May. . .

Another vintage illustration by Laurence Fellows.  My maternal uncle's May 1982 wedding was not dissimilar.  It was held in an Epsicopal church in a Philadelphia suburb with the following reception on the lawn of my new aunt's parents' house nearby.  The attire of the men was very much like that pictured above although we didn't look quite as grand since our gear was rented.  We too wore gray spats. T he Spring semester is over, and now it is time to begin tallying up course points for about 150 students spread across the three courses just concluded.  This is a largely thankless task although it is helped by the fact that much of it is calculated thanks to an online database.  Unfortunately, said database suffers from a couple of problems in my view.   For one, it rounds things up, which means that there are students who finish with a course grade in the A-range when, if we go strictly by the numbers, they should finish somewhere in the B-range.  Decent enough

Saturday Morning Fellows. . .

S ome Saturday mornings, there nothing nicer than fresh coffee, cats, some quiet jazz, and a few delightful old menswear illustrations, mostly by Laurence Fellows.  Even more exciting, I am beginning to get the idea for something that relates more directly to real life.  Don't you just love it when that happens?  Happy weekend, everyone! -- Heinz-Ulrich von B. A Sunday Morning P.S. Here's an interesting thought on wearing suits, from The Unbuttoned Life , that meshes with my own thoughts on the matter.