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Henry Mancini / Dreamy

Henry Mancini - Cortina

Fun with Patterns. . .

  The upper half this last Monday, featuring a heavy wool flannel number by Southwick, a Brooks Bros . ocbd, and a wool necktie by Rooster I think. A fter a grueling five days, that ended today with not one, not two, but THREE separate meetings as well as the dreaded annual review,  it seem s like a nice idea to show some sign of life, albeit limited, by 7:12pm Friday evening .  So, I share one of this week's more interesting combinations of clothing.   The last several months, I've been experimenting with combinations of patterns.  This particular example, worn on Monday this week, received the approval of wife, mother, and sister, so I might be onto something with it.  In any case, proof positive that more than two patterns can be worn at the same time and maybe, just maybe, men needn't fear standing out if they buy and wear a suit that is some other color than the usual (shudder) black that we observe so often in 2017 when average men wear suits at all . -- H

In a sentimental mood - Duke Ellington and John Coltrane

Snowy February 1st Style. . .

Taken on the way to my 10:20am class with my I-phone, looking across the Red Cedar River toward the MSU Stadium and  bit of Wells Hall on the left. W e could hardly go the entire winter without a snowy landscape photograph, could we?  To paraphrase my late maternal grandfather, it's hard to get worked up about very much on days as beautiful as this one.  Can you tell I am a winter person? -- Heinz-Ulrich  P. S. Jeeze Louise!  How embarrassing .  "February" it is.  Thank you, Mark.