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Make 2017 the Year of Men's Accessories!

  The new Ivy Style necktie work on Monday last with a Harris Tweed jacket and the usual light blue OCBD shirt. H appy belated New Year everyone!  It has been a busy few weeks since the start of the spring semester back on January 9th, hence the absence of new posts since New Year's Eve.  But fear not!  Classic Style (for the Average Guy) still lives. Besides my usual exhortation at this point each year for men to live a life less ordinary by dressing better and minding their day-to-day manners more closely than has become the sad, pathetic norm for society at large, let's throw interesting accessories into the mix for 2017.  Of course, while it is possible to go overboard with bling, one or two tasteful -- Y es, I realize I'm setting myself up perfectly for a ta ke -d own here ! -- accessories can help bring an otherwise nondescript ensemble to life, providing added visual interest and even personality to a suit or combination of odd clothing items.