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As Men, We Should Be Willing to Take a Hard Look at Ourselves. . .

Nothing like a stroll in the city on a nice day. D uring Summer 2019, I read a number of articles on teaching practices that help to create what are called High Impact Learning Environments, intended to equip 21st century undergraduates with the kinds of broad knowledge, abilities, and skills -- beyond specific course content -- necessary to function in the real world once they leave behind the relative 'safe space' of a college or university campus. Presumably after actually managing to complete their degree programs and graduate. Parenthetically, I have problems with reducing a college or university education to purely vocational training, but there we are.  'Student success' is the name of the game, and while I still feel that an individual makes his or her OWN luck and is responsible for his or her OWN success, calls for personal responsibility are not what anyone wants to hear in 2020. Sadly, this is the world I live in, and I've got to make my way in

Happy New Year from Classic Style. . .

  A vintage Danish/Norwegian New Year's greeting. . . H appy New Year from all of us at Classic Style!  Here's to presenting ourselves as more stylish men, in the classic sense, for the coming year.  -- Heinz-Ulrich And another, this time in Swedish.  Happy 2020!