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100 Pushups a Day for 123 Days Straight. . .

The humble pair of pushup bars.  Cheap, easy to use, they give good results when used consistently over time, and could even be disassembled and tossed into a suitcase to travel with you should Monday through Friday business, or a family vacation take you on the road . I t's a well-know fact that many guys go a little batty in middle-age.  Some choose the Just for Men route and dye their remaining hair, eyebrows, and beards/mustaches just a liiiiiiiittle too dark if you know what I mean.  Some, if they don't go whole hog and spring for hair transplants, start doing a comb-over that is glaringly obvious to everyone else (and their dogs) from two miles away.  Other guys buy the red sports car and begin wearing pinky rings with fur coats during the colder months.  Some go so far as to jettison their wives and acquire the younger trophy girlfriend/wife in fairly short order.   Then, there are some guys who inexplicably purchase a MASSIVE motor home/caravan tha

You Heard It Right from the Horse's Mouth. . .

The late, great Humphrey Bogart. F or those who believe, in general, that manners and etiquette are outmoded and no longer necessary, here is what The Emily Post Institute has to say on the subject of hats in 2018.  Click here to read the entire piece , but in a nutshell, hat etiquette looks like this: Men – Hats can be left on… Outdoors At athletic events On public transportation At religious services, as required In public buildings (post office, airport, hotel/office lobbies) On elevators Men – Take hats off, including baseball caps… In a home Indoors at work, especially in an office At mealtimes In restaurants and coffee shops At a movie or indoor performance When the national anthem is played When the flag of the United States passes by, as in a parade -- Heinz-Ulrich

Before You Get Serious. . .

It would be nice if married life, or similar long-term commitment with someone else were always like this, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. L et's say you decide to get really serious about someone hypothetically speaking.  Sounds great, right?  You meet someone you like, you fall in lust (typo intentional), you get married, and live happily ever after.  Awwwww. . .  It's just like Harry and Sally.   Or Harry and. . .   Meghan.  Puh-leeze. Let's be a bit more circumspect here and take a little time to think things through before you move in together.  It makes good sense to consider very carefully the six points below, which WILL have an influence on your daily life -- weather you realize and admit that to yourself, or not -- should the two of you decide to embark on a long-term relationship and eventual commitment that leads to the literal or figurative alter in some way, shape, or form. 1) What is he, or she like to sit across the table from during mea

9 Reasons Dressing Down Is Overrated - Gentleman's Gazette

Fair-Minded Critical Thought Is Stylish. . .

The Summer Suit and the Formal Wear

Knowledge of a Second Language Is Stylish!

Not only does former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speak French fluently, he can make his way in several other languages besides English. S o often, when we discuss men's personal style, or the lack thereof, we have tangible things in mind like sports jackets, suits, neckties, and quality leather shoes versus ratty t-shirts, wife-beaters, cargo shorts, and the ubiquitous backwards baseball cap.  Further afield, but no less important, we might talk about things like table etiquette, decent manners in general, or making and maintaining a solid first impression at work and in one's personal life through appearance and habit.  But there is yet another way we can work to kick up our personal style several notches. What, pray tell, is that?  Acquire working knowledge of a second language besides English! Indeed, in the 21st century, monolingualism, and the attitudes that sometimes go with it, just won't cut it any longer.  A recent bipartisan Congressional report

How To Prevent Shoulder Bumps