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Self-Presentation in the Time of Covid-19. . .


 The proverbial overflowing hamper of dirty laundry, which seems to be the look many men of various ages strive for actively in 2020.  I maintain they just don't know any better.

Whether you are lucky enough to be able to work from home via online applications like Zoom, Teams,, etc., or you are back in the office wearing a mask and social distancing, do everything in your power to avoid looking like an overstuffed lawn & leaf bag with legs.  How you present yourself to the world counts, guys.

Business casual does not mean turning up for work in anything resembling pajamas, t-shirts with ironic sayings, sweatpants, cargo shorts, or anything with wrinkles, rips, tears, food, or grease stains.  Unless you intend to resemble a terminally 30-year old cafe barista with a five-day growth forever working your way part-time through some kind of indeterminate masters degree program that people still don't understand even after hearing you explain it five times in as many days.

As I've said before, suits may no longer be entirely necessary in much of the working world here in the ol' U.S. of A., but for the love of God, pull yourself up out of the gutter and get some decent looking clothes to wear Monday through Friday.  Things that won't make you stick out like a sore thumb in a professional setting, cause supervisors and co-workers assume a homeless person has wandered in off the street, or invite them to question your skills and abilities because you insist on turning up attired like you don't give a damn.  

There are loads of websites and recent videos on Youtube that explain clearly and concisely what Business Casual is and isn't.  I'd suggest starting right here at Classic Style though by revisiting a post I wrote on The Problem of Business Casual Attire back in April 2018.

Appearing at the office, or turning up for Zoom or Teams meetings looking like you rolled out of bed five minutes ago doesn't cut it anymore, boys.  it's long past the time when we should up our game where personal grooming and presentation are concerned.  The late 60s and early 70s were a long time ago.  It's high time to tune in again, plug in once more, and rejoin the rest of adult society.  And how about shaving during the week, huh?  Your undergraduate years and that part-time job at Hollywood Video are behind you.  You need to do more now than simply show up before you can win 'Employee of the Month.'  




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