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A Goal Surpassed. . .


Not so much the sailing boats in the background, but the attire manages to convey the spirit of the (coming) summer season rather nicely.


Yesterday I not only met a goal I set for myself at the end of September 2020, I surpassed it by a bit after mowing the yard in the late afternoon.  I have now lost 36 pounds in about eight months and weight exactly what I did in 1990.  Just below 150 pounds.  I've also lost two inches around the waist in the process. 

The gradual weight reduction, after several such attempts the last ten years or so, comes from my own desire to take off some pounds, especially around the middle.  I recall reading once that the longer one takes to lose extra weight, the harder it becomes to do so. So now, a few years on the wrong side of 50, is the time.

The secret?  No special diet(s).  No gym membership.  No starving myself.  Simply cutting caloric intake each day by reducing serving sizes (actual serving sizes for most foods are pretty small), counting calories consumed, and weighing myself each morning after a shower before dressing.  

As far as exercise goes, lots of walking, cross-country skiing in January and February, and some roller skiing around the neighborhood the last two months.  Oh, and lawncare this spring.  Pushing a 140lb. 30" Toro Timemaster mower around the front and backyards definitely helps you sweat off a couple of pounds in as many hours when the day is warm.

Yes.  I've still enjoyed holiday and celebratory meals (The Grand Duchess whips up some delicious dishes), a piece or three of real candy now and then, a couple of cookies with coffee after evening meals, and the occasional 'cheat day' with some wine or single malt scotch during weekends when my other half and I unwind.  But you have to keep track of the treats and not overdo things.  

Speaking of treats and between meal snacks, fruit.  And a lot of it (apples, oranges, pears, red grapes, bananas, pineapple, grapefruit, clementines, etc.).

Each body is different of course, and I am no expert, but the biggest thing when it comes to weight loss seems to be serving size, calorie reduction, self-control, and determination.  No gym membership, fad diets, or special frozen meals from the super market will do that.  Weight loss need not cost anything.

Now comes the maintenance part and, of course, having a number of items taken in a bit by my tailor during the summer and fall.  It's nice to have your garments fit and drape as they should without pulling and puckering.  Not a bad thing by any (ahem) stretch.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


  1. Congratulations are in order I think. Well done Sir!

  2. Congratulations on reaching a lofty goal. I never would have imagined that you were 36 pounds to the plus side, seeing that you look trim in most of your pictures.

    I agree that a sensible diet and exercise can do wonders. One year I gave up sugar for four months and I lost 20 pounds ( regained 10 of those, alas.)

  3. Thank you both, men! IN skinny territory now once again after many years. I certainly feel better and no longer have achey knees. Putting on socks has also be come markedly easier.

    Best Regards,



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-- Heinz-Ulrich

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